Patient Record

Sharing Your Medical Record

Increasingly, patient medical data is shared e.g. between GP surgeries, community services - Midwife, Health Visitors and District Nurses; Out of Hours Providers; Hospitals and other secondary care providers in order to give clinicians access to the most up to date patient information.

Your patient information will automatically be available to the local health community to ensure that have quick access to your medication, allergies and problems to optimise your treatment. Only Health Care Professionals with the appropriate roles and rights will be able to view your information.

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning.

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Accessing your medical records and booking appointments on-line

The easiest way to view your results is by signing up to Online Services - enabling your Medical Record Online; view Medication; Test Results; Allergies; Consultations; Documents; and Problems (diagnosis) along with the ability to request Medication(s) and book and cancel appointments.

If you have a smart phone, please download the NHS App, which allows you to self-validate your ID. Available from the app store or via the QR code on our Home page.

If you have a home computer, please sign-up for Patient Access -

You'll need to register for Patient Access in the surgery so that we can verify your identity and provide you with a secure password. DURING COVID, WE ARE NOT OFFERING THIS SERVICE.